Why Elysian Consulting 2018-06-12T17:41:10+00:00

Initially, South Africa’s legal industry was shaped by only a few large law firms and many smaller firms.  As the business landscape of organisations change, consultants became a necessity. Compared to most developing countries, South Africa has a large and developed market for professional services, such as legal services. While consulting services do not substitute the services provided by law firms, it provides clients with alternative​s.

In the current economic situation, it also became more difficult to house an in-house legal team with a vast majority of experience as it is costly to recruit, employ and maintain a specialised legal team whose services are only needed periodically.  Elysian Consulting runs a lean model, with low overheads that result in lower costs, apart from the actual time that is spent on matters or projects.  Elysian also consist of a team of consultants with a wide variety of experience in the different services that we offer.  This becomes an advantage to clients, as specific and tailored legal related work can be outsourced to us, whist litigation matters can still be referred to the traditional law firms that clients are used to dealing with.

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