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We are focussed on providing clients, small to large sized, with alternative and specialised professional consulting services that has been customised to address the specific needs of the client, is cost effective and have the least impact on the day to day operations of the client.

We handle routine components of the contract life-cycle process, including the drafting, managing, reviewing and negotiation thereof. The aforementioned includes all commercial contracts as well as mining and construction contracts.  We also have the expertise in providing second opinions and the assessment of pre-drafted client or third party agreements and provide a risk assessment on same.

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Legal Opinions

We are well versed in the laws of different jurisdictions and we are able to provide legal opinions based on sound facts, stating relevant case laws and references.  We maintain consistency in our approach, and make best efforts to satisfy client queries.

Ad-hoc Legal Services

We are available to assist your business or the established legal department with matters usually briefed to law firms.  Depending on the nature of the brief, we can work individually or in collaboration with external teams, remotely or onsite.

Legal Risk Management

The process of risk management is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of certain kinds of events happening or having an impact on the business. We fully understand your organization’s exposure to external risk and a legal – and/or compliance risk assessment is done to measure your circumstances, needs, and priorities.

Legal Function Outsourcing

Legal outsourcing is the process whereby certain routine and applicable legal services are outsourced to our company.  The outsourced legal work will be carried out by our experienced and qualified professionals using best practice and processes designed to make the undertaking of the tasks at hand, more efficient.

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We provide tailor-made training programs to suit your requirements in respect of any regulatory framework including, but not limited to, an introduction to contract management, customised commercial legal training, executive induction training or privacy law.

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Regulatory Compliance

We assist with drafting of a Regulatory Universe (“RU”) and Compliance Risk Management Plans (“CRMP”) in line with the Generally Accepted Compliance Practice (“GACP”) that impacts your business and its functions.  We also provide advisory services on Anti-money laundering compliance, RICA, King IV, National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act amongst others.

R30k Solution

All companies exposed to or working with personal information of employees, customers and suppliers are obliged to comply with the requirements of the data protection laws and specifically the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), which was enacted in 2013.  The R30k-Solution is a solution specifically focussed on getting small to medium sized businesses compliant with the relevant legislation. The Solution includes a high level gap analysis, recommendations and a small roadmap to ensure compliance with the relevant laws.  This Solution can be partnered with our additional Privacy Law Solutions and/or our POPIA e-learning.

Additional Privacy Law Solutions

These services include:

  • The drafting of website terms and conditions and customer terms and conditions (including e-commerce)
  • Regulatory compliance and advisory on data protection (POPIA and GDPR), e-commerce, Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, advertising regulations and WASPA
  • Drafting of policies and procedures and updating of contracts and terms and conditions
  • Ongoing advisory services through our help desk at a monthly retainer rate.

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